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Consumer Electronics Market at your Finger Tips - Introduction

Have you ever felt lost in the dense market Labyrinth while shopping for an electronic item. Be it online or store, the choice for the consumer to select an item is infinite.
Every brand advertise their product to be the best in technology and value for money. So what do you do. A lot of people who are online savvy look out for reviews and take a decision, while others just look for support from a tech savvy person from family and friends. With all the inputs I've received , it seems inevitable that Consumer is just lost in the Electronic market Labyrinth and shopping either on an impulse or getting attracted to the advertised product.

Let's take an example. What if i ask you to choose a favorite number between 1 and infinity or choose a favorite number between 1 and 20. Which one seems easier? This one seems rather easier than pinpointing an electronic gadget with all the options available. But still, i guess it's mostly a number between 1 and 20 easier to pinpoint. Anythin…

8 points every consumer should Know before buying any Consumer Electronic Product.

So you compared all the key Product specifications from multiple manufacturers, read technical reviews to your satisfaction and are all ready and set to make the purchase.
Here we discuss the many other key points that may have a tendency to be overlooked at the time of Purchase.

1. Warranty.Every electronics product usually come with warranty for a limited period of time as fixed by the manufacturer. The warranty defines services that are offered by the manufacturer under damage conditions not caused by the negligence of user for a stipulated period of time. This can either mean repair or complete replacement of the product by the manufacturer/Retailer in warranty period. The replacement of the parts and the repair service offered is completely free of charge for the end user. Warranty can be Local, that is specific to a region or a country or International, that is valid in multiple countries and have different inclusive price tags.

2. Extended Warranty.Many Electronic products come wi…

What you need to know about your Mobile Phone & before buying a New One

A lot gets attached to this discussion on smartphones as it's not only specification that plays a role in the selection, but also look, the size and thickness and also how you feel with the model in consideration. While the latter is more of a personal preference, here we'll curtail the discussion to the crucial aspects you need to see before deciding on your next mobile phone. You may certainly like the look and feel, but do not miss out to check and compare the key buying considerations.
1. Mobile Processor & Cores Gone are the days when mobile phones were only used for voice communication. This is the information age and all that you need to know fits in your palm, inside your pocket. Ranging from Voice communication, to high speed internet connection on the go, to HD multimedia content playback on the television, to some serious gaming, the need for faster processing and multi-tasking never subsides. The one small chip mounted on the mobile phone hardware has to take all…

Find an Electronic gadget that match with your requirement in one Click- Website Post

Here we discuss about how can help you arrive at a decision when buying a consumer electronics Product. attempts to Connect the user with the most optimum solution based on their application need. The emphasis is on need and application based buying. The requirement translates to product specifications available in the market and the matching Product. by itself is not an Electronic Market place but a one stop solution for easy selection before proceeding to the Market. Define your need in an easy way, get to know your recommended product specification and matching products.

The algorithm attempts to pinpoint the most suitable product based on the various Attributes selected, while providing the complete end to end range of specifications available in the market. The One Drop Down Tool and the Unique Grading Tool attempts to enclose the entire market of a product category in a single Drop-down, providing the Bird's eye view of the Market Specifi…

Buying Cordless Phones made Simple