Buying Cordless Phones made Simple

A cordless phone can fit in your palm. Yet, too many considerations to look at while making a selection. Let's find out what all would you need to see before pinpointing your model.

The easiest of all requirements is to know the number of handsets required for multiple Rooms at home. Let's look at some technology facts first.

From our earlier post on Wireless Routers, we know that Laptops, mobiles and other devices are connected to the wireless Routers at 2.4 GHz frequency band. Now we have another intruder contending for the same frequency band 2.4 GHz and that's your Home Cordless Phone. The Cordless Handset essentially connects to it's base that is the charging point of the handset wirelessly at 2.4GHz frequency. As there are multiple devices at 2.4GHz band now, there is high probability of interference between them resulting in signal distortion and affecting the sound quality from the cordless phone. But there are other bands available viz 5.8 GHz Phones and DECT 6.0 Phones. DECT 6.0 Phones that is Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunication in particular offers good sound clarity at 1.9GHz frequency. The digitally converted sound signal is free from interference and range up to approximately 50 meters indoor distance from the base of the handset.

Let's look at different features available to you. Here is a quick Cordless Selection tool that can help you pinpoint the model based on your requirement.

Cordless Phone Intercom.

As we know, multiple handsets in a cordless system are all connected to the Base wirelessly and this is also the charging point of one of the handsets. The Base is the transmitter and the receiver of the cordless system to the outside world and is connected with a phone line RJ-11 cable and powered by an AC-DC adapter connected to the power main socket outlet. In systems with single handset and base, the intercom facility provides communication option between the handset and the Base itself. These systems might or might not have the facility to call outside from the base, but only a communication option internally at your home. In systems with multiple handsets, all handsets can communicate with each other and with the base, providing a lot of convenience for larger houses with multiple rooms and multi-floor houses.

Cordless Phone Base Calling Option.

Not all cordless phones come with a keypad on the Base for making outside calls. The Base of the handset in the ones that do is a fully fledged land line phone along with the wireless connectivity option with the handsets included, adding to the feature set and convenience.

Cordless Phone Automatic Answering System.

Cordless phone Base has a facility to auto answer calls when you are away. The phone usually beeps for a couple of times before getting into the answering mode and auto answers the calls. Things to check is the available time in minutes the phone can auto answer as specified by the manufacturer. The base of the phone displays the number of messages without operating the handset itself. There can be counter displaying the number of messages there with other details like caller id and can prove handy for checking messages at a glance when you return back.

Cordless Phone Battery Back Up.

This is an important feature to look at if there is a lot of power failure and down time multiple times in a day. The Base of the handset is connected to the Power mains socket and in case of non-availability of battery backup there is a disconnection every time power goes off interrupting the talk time and causing much inconvenience. You may not need a battery backup in case the system is on a UPS that immediately powers the base in times of power failure keeping the talk time intact. Check on the backup time mentioned by the manufacturer during power off conditions.

Most of the cordless phones now a day have come with a digital speaker phone option providing you with a hands free talk option. You may need to check the audible levels of the speakerphone to make certain of the usability of this feature.

Other features to look at are number of Caller ids and Phone Book entries supported, 3 way conferencing support, Child Lock and the wall mount option for the handset.

Check the Cordless Selection Tool at for an easy selection of features and pinpointing your model based on the actual usage and buy option links from Amazon.


  1. A very interesting article. Thank you for explanations!

  2. Very technological! We have no phone signal where I live so have to use a landline if we want to make a call.

  3. Sometimes some information we look for in mind..but couldn't find as news or info. last week I was planning to use a cordless inside my flat..Just thinking to buy. Today your posts help me.

  4. Thanks for sharing. I don't have a house phone anymore since everyone uses Mobiles, but if I do ill definitely consider this!

  5. Helpful tips...everything keeps evolving....

  6. Great explanation of each and evry detail :)

  7. I did not know about the possible interference with my other devices. This explains a few problems I've been experiencing. Thank you!

    1. Yes Davide..Multiple devices connecting multiple transmitters at same frequency would cause interference. In this case Home phone Base and the wireless router..thank you

  8. This is a great article, we don't own a phone, but now I atleast know all the things we should consider.

  9. Good article. We need to buy one for the home. We hardly use the landline but we do need one nevertheless. Ours is broken and I have been meaning to replace.

    1. Thank you..Congratulations in advance for your new phone:)..

  10. Great Article mate Keep It up !

  11. Very very nice aricle ! Keep it up I appreciate your hard work !

  12. Thanks for this information. I've found it really helpful. I wish I had a cordless phone with a intercom in our home.

  13. This is a really informative article, I wish i had one cordless phone in our home

  14. Very insightful and informative will keep in mind.

  15. Very informative and great insights! We got 3 cordless phones with our Spectrum Internet connection and that works great! Though I prefer my mobile rather than cordless or landline phones!

  16. This post would have been so helpful when I was working from home for a telemarketing firm. And by telemarketing I mean I was troubleshooting people's phones for att


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