Consumer Electronics Market at your Finger Tips - Introduction

Have you ever felt lost in the dense market Labyrinth while shopping for an electronic item. Be it online or store, the choice for the consumer to select an item is infinite.
Every brand advertise their product to be the best in technology and value for money. So what do you do. A lot of people who are online savvy look out for reviews and take a decision, while others just look for support from a tech savvy person from family and friends. With all the inputs I've received , it seems inevitable that Consumer is just lost in the Electronic market Labyrinth and shopping either on an impulse or getting attracted to the advertised product.

Let's take an example. What if i ask you to choose a favorite number between 1 and infinity or choose a favorite number between 1 and 20. Which one seems easier? This one seems rather easier than pinpointing an electronic gadget with all the options available. But still, i guess it's mostly a number between 1 and 20 easier to pinpoint. Anything range bound is easier to select and pick.
Similarly, if you know the range of specifications available in the market for a specific product category available, would it not ease the process of selection?

But why is this important?

I think, every consumer should be aware of the minimum and maximum specification available in the market for a product category before selecting an item. This would enable your selection in the following ways.

- You know, where your Chosen product stand in terms of specification and it would be easier for your next up-gradation.

- You see the entire market spec range in front of you and that simplifies the overall electronic Market Labyrinth.

- You know how models differ from each other and that is precisely competitive analysis with respect to specification.

- You'll be able to select a product just based on your application need.

How will it help?

We all know the after effect of greed based buying to the global economy from the recent past years and we are still trying to come out of it. Is the consumer, market and innovation with a need based approach better for the global economy? Only Time will tell. But yes, technically you'll be happier with your application and value based buying rather then going with an impulse with most of the electronics in the product going unused in the entire Product Life Cycle.

But why this Article?

Coming back to where we started, in the next series of posts, I plan an attempt to present you the entire market of a Product category at your finger tips, based on different application scenarios. The attempt is to enable you with the entire range of key specifications available in the market to make your selection process easier based on your application and giving you an estimate of what is available in the market for a specific product category. 

This is also sequential to the series of articles presented towards Consumer Electronics Buying Considerations. Last but not the least, Thank you for your response on the articles published so far on Consumer Electronics.

So what do you think. Leave your thoughts below & Stay tuned..


  1. I'll always shop around to know I have the best product for my needs but yes, it's very easy to get lost with it all!

  2. This is way more efficient than the way most people are currently doing it. And I'm all about efficiency and saving time and energy.

  3. .....where I come from, you have to be very very careful when going to the market to get any electrical items...and of course, the market has left us with no choice than look around before selecting the best. No one would want to waste money on products with less-value.
    Thanks for sharing for free...every of your post is always enligtening :)

  4. I must say that this is a great idea!!! I always have troubles finding the right product for me. I am bookmarking your website!!

  5. I think your next series of post will be really useful! I always try to get as much information as I can about electronic products and sometimes is not available! x

  6. Yet another bookmark-able post! I'm awful when it comes to picking out just the right product. This is far more efficient than standing in the store Googleing!

  7. You will definitely inspire many people. Very great idea. Keep on developing it. I wish you all the best. Dominik

  8. This post is really informative! I am planning to buy a camera to get good pictures while travelling. I will keep these points in mind while buying.
    Thank you for sharing! :)

  9. i admit I'm not too picky on tech that is why i always rely to tech friends... your right with too much to offer people tends to be confused and sometimes because of trend they buy it,even if most brand false advertise.. it sucks but its true... you are a rockstar to me when it comes to tech !!! Thank you for sharing your informative insight...keep it up!

  10. I think this could be helpful, especially for consumers who might not have the knowledge regarding certain products. I know for myself any extra information would be helpful!

  11. It can be easy to get lost in while searching for the right product, good idea!

  12. These tips are definitely going to help me out in the long run. I'm looking to buy a new camera soon, so your tips are greatly appreciated.

  13. It's really important to do your research before purchasing something otherwise, you might end up regretting it. I think these are great tips.

  14. It's important to be careful and not buy your electronics in places that you're not sure about. Research is key!

  15. Getting to know more about the brand's competition will give you a better view of the products overall standing. I agree with you so much about buying electronics.

  16. I'd never considered this before but it does seem like a great idea to help consumers make the right choice. These products are often expensive so it is so annoying if you don't get the right one for you!

  17. I like this sort of article, it seems so important in this forever developing electronic age we live in. Simple and effective explanation in which we need, something that should hopefully help everyone understand the parts of electronics the buying guides aren't telling you about.

  18. A brilliant pot which I have bookmarked! I am always on the hunt for a great offer even thought the market is saturated and you can get lost, patience is avirtue

  19. I do find myself getting frustrated when looking to buy new electronic, there are just so many and all have good and bad review. I just try to make the best decision I can.

  20. There is always so much research involved when buying new electronics, especially phones, cameras and laptops... I'm always glad I bought sth and it works the way I wanted it to work :)

  21. It can definitely be daunting when looking for the right electronic for your needs as it can be hard to find the right research. I really like your article, I have it bookmarked.

  22. In the market space filled with plethora of choices, your post fittingly help many consumers and give them a direction before they make the buying decision. Looking forward to your up coming posts.

  23. This is way more functional than the way most people are currently doing it. And I'm all about efficiency , saving time , energy and cost.consumers need to be given a direction before they make their buying decision.mi really like your article


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