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Home Desktop Market at your Fingertips

In this set of articles we'll discuss the Specification Range of Home Desktops available in Market and also list Desktops with maximum specifications.

It is recommended to look at 'Desktop buying Considerations' before proceeding forward. Please note, the specifications are searched based on an algorithm at and is just an attempt to the nearest accuracy. The specification range and models may also vary across different countries and regions. It is important to recheck the accuracy of the attempted information for your benefit before arriving at any conclusion from this article.

Home Desktop Market Specification Range Table Fastest Home All-In-One (AIO) Desktop,Frequency above 3 GHzMAKESERIES-MODELPROCESSORMAX CPU (GHz)RAM (GB)STORAGE (GB)LENOVOB40Intel Core i7-4785T3.242048LENOVOB40Intel Core i3-4160T3.142048LENOVOB40Intel Core i3-4150T342048HPPavillion AIO 23-q211InIntel Core i7-6700T3.6162048APPLE21.5 inch iMacIntel Core i53.381024APPLE21.5 inch…